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  • Can I insert images, videos or gifs in the FAQ section?
    You can add media by following the steps below Go to the app's settings Click Manage FAQ Create or select the question where you want to insert media while editing your answer. Click on the video or image or on the GIF icon. add media from media library and save
  • How do I add a new "Q&A"?
    To add a FAQ section, please follow the steps below Click the "Manage FAQs" button From the website dashboard, click "Add New" and then select the "Q&A" option. Each Q&A should fall under a certain category Save and publish You can edit the FAQ section at any time. or to rearrange or choose another category
  • How to edit or delete category names "Frequently Asked Questions"
    You can edit the category name from the settings tab in the app. If you don't want the category name displayed, disable the category name under the command. "Display information
  • What is the FAQ category?
    The FAQ section is used to provide information about your business by answering frequently asked questions from customers, such as where do you ship your products? Opening hours or How do I make a reservation? This FAQ section is perfect for navigating your website's various functions or even helping to optimize your website's SEO.
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